AccuLiquor Solutions

Bar Inventory Service - Serving the Greater Houston Area

Our weekly on-site audit service will help you control shrinkage, correct and improve employee performance, while improving customer service.


  • Weekly audit service performed by your local AccuLiquor representative.
  • All open liquor and draft beer are weighed.
  • All full bottles, kegs, and cases are counted.
  • Using our proprietary software, a detailed report is generated showing what was sold compared to what was actually used.
  • Based on the reports, we will work with you to implement corrective measures and improve profitability
  • In addition to our weekly inventory service, we offer a full suite of bar consulting services.

Sample Report Snapshots

Monitoring and evaluating bar operations is a powerful tool for every owner and manager...
And, the price of the service can be recovered within 1 day of improving bar operations!