*Greater Houston Area ONLY*

Weekly full inventories performed by Acculiquor Solutions, a hands-free service. We come into your establishment and preform the inventory for you. Inventory is done by the drink which allows for better tracking of products.

Our goal is to help guide a bar/restaurant into increasing product accountability, improving customer service, increasing bar revenues, and decreasing overall cost. With all these goals achieved in combination, you will be TABC compliant and will never fail a state audit. An accountability report is available as soon as we walk out of the door. We are bonded, insured, and have never asked a customer to sign a service contract.
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*Help to Improve Bar Operations*

For the past 20 years we have been in 50+ bars on a weekly basis, we have seen it all. We will review operating procedures of front and back of house, P&Ls, and inventories. With this, we will formulate a plan that best suits your venue.

We have extensive knowledge of products, menus, and drink recipes. Our professionals also know how to help setup Point of Sales systems to ensure you have all of the keys your venue needs. Inventory can be complicated if your POS system is lacking.


Find out where you stand BEFORE a state audit. Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) holds you accountable for 99% of the alcohol you purchase.

If faced with an audit, CALL US ASAP.


You collect the data; we produce the reports! Any date ranges. Vendor orders included. Send up sales, invoices, and inventory counts.

We will produce an accountability report for you.


*Greater Houston Area ONLY*

Whether you are buying or selling. Call Acculiquor for an appraisal or alcohol inventory.


Learn how to conduct a successful inventory on your own. Are you interested in conducting your own inventory, but have no idea where to start? We are the team for you.

Our Acculiquor team will come to your establishment and personally guild you through the inventory process.


*Greater Houston Area ONLY*

We understand that it can be hard to know everything that is going on in your bar or restaurant when you aren't there.

Acculiquor can secret shop your establishment to give you a detailed report of their visit. What we look for is if the bartender is attending to customers accordingly, how long it take to make a drink, overpouring, are they ringing drinks into the POS system, how a customer is greeted, how long wait time it, are the bathrooms clean - just to name a few.


Whether you have been in the industry before or not, you can do this! You will train hand-in-hand with our professionals here in Houston conducting live audits.

We believe the best way to teach inventory is to jump right into it. Not only will you learn how to conduct inventories, we will guide you through how to help your future clients gain higher accountabilities. Our bar saving knowledge will become yours.